“WOW” Workout of the Week


Week 1 on a 4 Week Cycle

Day # 1

Behind Neck Push Press & Snatch Balance & Over Head Squat 5×3+3+3
Snatch Pull & Snatch @ 80%x2, 85×1, 80×2, 85×1, 80×2
Front Squat 3×4
P-Knot triceps  2 minutes

Day # 2

Sotts Press 3×8
Clean & Pause Squat & Jerk 5×1+3+1
Clean Pulls 5×3 @ 95% of max
Hypers 3×10
P-Knot IT Band and quads 2 minutes each side

Day #3

Squat + Press  5×5+5
Jerk Balance & Jerk 5×2 @ 85%
Squat 3 x 5
P-Knot T-Spine minutes

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Always have a proper and purposeful warm up
Eat balanced with good nutrient timing
Stay hydrated
Make a goal to stretch every day, minimum of 10 minutes, desired amount 30+ minutes.
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