WHAT THE PEC??? ~ “Teachable Tuesdays” from RWL


Figure # 1

If your shoulder is chronically bugging you, you might want to check in with your PEC MINOR.


Figure # 2

The PECTORALIS MINOR ~ “Pec Minor” is a little guy, a three headed finger like projecting muscle that lives deep to the Pec Major and travels from its origin on ribs 3, 4, and 5 to its tendinous insertion on the shoulder blade, called the scapula, and specifically, on the coracoid process of the scapula.

The ebb and flow of the shoulder girdle, or the scapulohumeral rhythm (glenohumeral rhythm) is largely orchestrated by the little pec minor who’s main function is to protract or move the scapula downward and forward, as well as stabilize the scapula.

SCAPULOHUMERAL RHYTHM VIDEO – Of interest in this excellent educational video is that the PEC MINOR is not included in contributing to the movement or stabilization of the scapula. Rule of thumb is that if a muscle attaches across a joint, and onto a bone – it poses an action there!

So this is a nice little ditty for you to digest, but how can it help your training, shoulder comfort, and performance?


Figure # 3

Lying on your stomach, or prone, grab a golf ball or lacrosse ball and use your bodyweight to move the ball in the space where the 3 “fingers” (Figure 3, # 1 and 2) of the pec minor live and travel all the way up deep into your arm pit (Figure 3, #3) to find the nasty little knots (that will hurt like a bugger!!) that are essentially tugging at the scapula to move it forward. Loosen these metabolic adhesions up by doing some of this “pec clearing” and your shoulder will thank you for the relief!

Try it out and let us know if you have any questions.


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