Wednesday Weight Loss Challenge

Wednesday Weight Loss Challenge

6/17/2014 – 8 Weeks out

Anna 118 x 8 (click for video)

Week 2 of 9 weeks of coaching Anna Martin to the World Cup. Last week Anna weighed in at 86.8 kg / 191 lbs. Today she weighs 84.6 kg / 186 lbs. Net loss in week 1 = 2.2 kg / 5 lbs.
Anna is a GREAT athlete and one of the easiest athletes that we coach, (here comes the “but”)…BUT she is not the most accountable with her diet this far out of a competition. THIS IS WHY WE NEED YOU to nudge her along and give her some help, motivation and support. Please double tap and tag your friends that might want diet tips and might want to motivate Anna!
Each week we will highlight one of the avenues behind Anna’s success. This week it is CARBOHYDRATES. Going on a low carb diet is…well…dumb. To train at a high level, like Anna does, it is impossible to get the most out of your training on a carb depleted diet. Our goal is to increase strength while losing weight, preferably adipose tissue. This week Anna had a lifetime PR with a 118 kg / 260 lb back squat for 8 reps! One great idea to get in some quality carbohydrates, a lot of fiber, and quality vitamins and minerals is to spiralize!
Spiralizing 1 image
Here we have fresh garlic and Greek EVOO with zucchini and summer squash. Substitute that for your white pasta and you just made a game changer in your carbohydrate quality!
Our goal for next week is a 1.7 kg weight loss for Anna, bringing her down to 82.9 kg. Keep up the great work Anna!


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