Coach Robinson September 27, 2017

Is there really a difference between the athlete you coach on an international team, at The Olympic Trials, or in a local meet? Think about it.. is there a difference? There is no difference whatsoever to me as a USA Weightlifting International Coach! An athlete is an athlete….but what delineates a person to become an athlete?

  • If you exercise are you an athlete… no
  • If you are on a team and you go to a gym are you an athlete…no
  • If you are ripped and have glorious biceps are you an athlete…no
  • If you have been working out your entire life are you an athlete.. no


No, No, No. B E I N G an athlete is a process, and a commitment. The difference is…it is a mind-set, a life shift and change. There are so few “ATHLETES” today because everyone is in such a rush to lose weight, get a 6-Pack Abs, reduce a size in pants or just do another “thing” to make themselves “look better”. That is not to be denied, and that is a center on weight loss. I promote it and I work every day to encourage movement for all people! However…if you are an athlete….there is a shift of the mind, a change, a re-centering, and a “thing” that only an athlete can ”get”.


Y O U are an athlete if you have a goal, if you work on your technique, if you communicate with your Coaches. Y O U are an athlete if you are silent about all the food prep that you do because you have to and you do ALL the accessory and rehab things that you hate to do. Y O U are an athlete if at the end of the day your heart craves to make that next simple gain, not the huge one.

To all the true athletes out there, may your day be complete, and your work be unfinished. May your heart rest deeply on your soul knowing that today you were true to yourself and Y O U are an ATHLETE.


God Speed

Coach Robinson




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