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Day one of WEIGHTLIFTING CAMP was awesome! The primary focus in the am session was on SNATCH technique. We used four snatch technique exercises to work on:

Derek Snatch 115 May 2014

1. Thoracic Mobility

2. Shoulder Flexibility

3. Torso Angle

4. Stable and correct bottom position

We had some snatch PR’s already! Worked on some front squats and had a group stretching session.


The evening session was jam packed and our focus was on the JERK.

jerk start position

We taught a foot work mapping grid to teach the correct foot placement and then moved into jerk balances. Then we did a clean and jerk combo complex and snatch grip RDL’s. We fixed two athlete’s long term aching knee problems and ended up with a group stretch and clean up!

Day two today, our focus this morning is snatch, we have a mid morning mobility class, and tonight the focus will be on the jerk.

We see lots of flexibility issues that directly relate to ability / inability to get into proper positions on the platform….those shall be addressed today!

For athletes wanting to come to camp for a day please email us at

Looking forward to another productive day on the platform at RWL!!!


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