RWL Weightlifting Camp Day 2….

Awesome day today at RWL Weightlifting!!! Day 2 of our weightlifting camp and we are starting to see some nice positions being learned. We were fortunate enough to have sponsorships from CAPE COD NUTRITION and ROCKIN” REFUEL and enjoy their products that were delivered today.

Today we started some video analysis…

Carly Jerk Dip Troubles

Session 1 of 3 today was Snatch biased with 2 technique exercises to work on Mobility and effective dropping under the bar. One snatch complex, yumps…yes, yumps, and a lumbar/pelvic stability assessment and strengthening exercise. Our last exercise was very diagnostic deciphering neural firing patterns to determine if the gluteus muscles were doing the work, as they should, instead of the low back or hamstrings.

X-Cross Squats + Monkeys.rtfd

Session 2 was a pure mobility session and we targeted the t-spine, knees, and lats this morning.

Session 3 was a jerk biased session with a mobility opener, clean plus jerk complex, sumo dead lifts and another jerk technique exercise, plus a glute medius strengthening exercise.

Camp pic day 2

Tons of fun today and we are looking forward to our new athletes that are joining us tomorrow!

Rest up campers!!!! Tomorrow is HUMP DAY!!!!




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