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McKenna Neeb


Home Town: Medfield, MA

Weight Class: 75 kg/75+ kg

Length of Time competing: 1.5 years (1 year with RWL)

Number of meets competed in: 10

First meet Snatch / Clean and Jerk: 29 kg/48 kg (34 kg/54 kg with RWL)

Current Best Snatch / Clean and Jerk: 54 kg/71 kg

Favorite lift: Clean and Jerk

Best Squat: 98 kg

Best Front Squat: 88 kg

Short Term Goals: To keep improving.

Long Term Goals: To qualify for Junior Nationals and University Nationals

Best RWL Memory: My favorite memory was the meet at the Poliquin center. A lot of preparation went into the meet, both with training and cutting, and it was great to have all the support!

Reasons why you lift: Because I love it.

Reasons why you lift with RWL: I love the team and coming to a supportive environment.

Family or People you want to mention: Thank you to my coaches and family for continuing to support me and help me reach my goals!



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