RWL Affiliate Program


      • State of the Art Scientific Olympic Lifting Programming for 3 x a week
      • Monthly Online Webinars Featuring Dr. Ellyn Robinson
      • Private FaceBook Group Communication
      • Your Gym / Box listed on RWL Weightlifting, Inc. website
      • Major increase in your networking
      • Option after 3 months of Affiliation to become RWL ADVANCED AFFILIATE, details coming, including RWL Certification
      • Tax Deductible Membership Options
      • 20% discount for Annual Membership
      • Private Access to RWL’s Constantly Growing Video Library

RWL Affiliate Webinars

Proud to be Partnered with these 4 RWL Affiliates

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** RWL Webinar Schedule **

JUNE, 2017
Tower of Power: Intricacies of the Athletes Back
  MAY, 2017

Knee Pain as it Relates to Programming

9-Steps-to-a-Bullet-Proof-Jerk APRIL, 2017

Faults and Corrections of the Split Jerk

MARCH, 2017

The Anatomy of The Jerk

  FEBRUARY, 2017

The Shoulder: Local Stabilizers

  JANUARY, 2017

Shoulder: Mobility vs. Stability vs. Flexibility


The Shoulder part 2 – Prescriptive Exercises


The Shoulder Joint vs. The Shoulder Girdle 

Sample of Videos available exclusively for RWL Affiliates and Robinson Weightlifting Team Members


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