RIPPED!!!!! ….a hand callus…


Hand care can be a boring and tedious thing – or an often overlooked thing! BUT…when you rip a callus – especially close to a meet – it is a problem!!! The most efficient method that I have found to promote new callus growth is simple but rather painful. It is also an excellent way to promote callus health when your hands are simply “hot”.

1. Immediately wash your hands thoroughly. The germs on a barbell are many!!!

2. Remove the torn callus; trimming as closely to the edge of the wound as comfortably possible.

3. Smooth the edges of the wound with a pumice stone (you may need to wait a few days if the rip is bad). These are available as foot callus scrappers at all drug stores in the foot care aisle.

4. Soak your torn callus in a bowl of water super-saturated with salt (Epson Salt is the best) several times a day for at least 10 minutes. THIS BURNS!!!

Initially this may be quite painful. How painful will depend on the depth of the rip. If it is a very deep “bloody” rip, you are in for an interesting experience. It is necessary however as you need to encourage the growth of a callus immediately, rather than new soft pink skin that will simply re-tear right away anyway. Unless the blister is unusually deep, in one to two days it should be mostly healed – compared to the 5-7 days needed for conventional treatments.

Here is to your hand health!!! Lift strong!!!


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  1. Chris says:

    Great information! I have yet to tear a callus but i’ve come pretty close. I feel its only a matter of a few sessions until it happens. Didn’t know that tip about soaking it, thanks!


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