JUMP!!!! Are you using your leg strength???

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WEIGHTED SQUAT JUMPS – ( <— Click link for video)

The WEIGHTED SQUAT JUMP exercise is an excellent tool to use for athletes that jump “all over the place” on their snatch and clean and jerk, and also for those athletes who have a hard time staying “stiff” or tight throughout the entire phase of each lift.

SETTING UP THE EXERCISE: Draw a line on the floor and have the athlete un-rack the weight in a back squat high bar position, and put their heels on the line with their feet in the “pulling position” – or under their hips. Then draw a box around their feet; this area is referred to as the “area of base”. These lines will create a point of reference for you to watch for any horizontal and/or  lateral displacement (i.e. wasted effort and energy!).

IDENTIFYING PROBLEMS: If the athlete is jumping forward or behing the back line look at the weight distribution on their feet on BOTH the eccentric (going down/lowering) and the concentric (going up into the jump). Make sure the weight is centered on the full foot with 60-65% of the weight pushing through the heels. Also, make sure that the torso is tight, and the chest is up.

With some practice, the athlete should quickly be able to master their kinesthetic awareness or proprioception (knowing where their body is in space / one’s own sense of the relative position of the body), and transfer this accessory exercise to their snatch and clean and jerk.



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