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Let’s take a quick peek at a few of the MANY roles that water plays in the human body. It is of interest that both 2/3 of the world is water, and the same ratio exists for the human body! Water is involved in the homeostasis of muscle function and recovery, bone health, joint function, skin, hair and nails, kidney function, brain alertness, hormones, reflexes and blood pressure…to mention just a few.

% WATER 75-80% 75-80% 10% 22% 92-95%

Of the MANY reasons to stay functionally hydrated, 3 “biggies” are 1. for muscle growth and recovery, 2. to decrease the dreaded sarcopenia (keep reading!!), and 3. to regulate blood pressure. Hard to believe ALL of these major things are maintained at a greater functional level through proper hydration.

  1. MUSCLE GROWTH AND RECOVERY – muscles are dependent on hydration and hydrolysis for effective and efficient metabolism. Did you know you can stunt your recovery by 5-8 additional days if your muscles are starving for a little drink of water and living like raisins? We need our muscles to be plump and full like grapes!
  2. SARCOPENIA – Muscle loss simply due to the aging process!!! But don’t fall for that…we mainly lose muscle during the aging process from not moving! As we age we don’t want to move because it hurts! Maybe we hurt because our muscles and connective tissue are so dehydrated  that they take too long to recover.
  3. BLOOD PRESSURE – Essentially all of our blood is water, 92-95%! We have a smidge of protein, salts, fats and glucose (sugar) traveling around in the blood as a liquid vehicle to nourish and detoxify our body, but if you are not drinking any water, you just might have sludge in your pipes that creates an intense pressure on your blood vessel walls.

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