Heart and Soul!!! She has it!!!

Ashley 82 kg CleanLast meet to qualify for the Nationals…. she makes weight, and shows up. Ready. Hungry. We talked about weight every day leading up to the meet. Boom. 67.8. Got it! We are in the 69 class!!! Man, Ashley can eat! Donuts, pizza, ain’t a carb she never liked!!! But she made it!!! And we are ready to go. Warm ups…nerves are crankin’ “Coach I am nervous” !!! Her warm up snatches LOOKED NERVOUS!!!!! RELAX ASH!!!! You are good!!! Opener 65kg  boom fine. Second 70 BAM! She makes it. We go for 72 , just out of reach. No big deal we need 82 on the CJ to make American Open and 83 to make Nationals. Her training max is 85, meet PR is 80. Let’s get this done!!!

SHEBANG Ashley man handles her three cleans at 82 like a BOSS…all following herself….but throws her jerks forward. SO CLOSE!!!!! What an athlete… she comes off the platform missing her first lift asking her coach to remind her to thank the refs after she finishes. Talk about a quality person / athlete. Character!!!

It is not easy to see an athlete lose in the quest of gaining. HOWEVER, it is AMAZING to see an athlete win by picking their pieces up after a loss and getting RIGHT back to the team.

Ashley Albright didn’t lose Sunday, she WON BIG in our eyes, because she gave it her all. Look out 69 kg national level ladies…Ashley Albright will be joining your force soon, and I know you ladies will welcome her!!!

Heart and Soul….Ash…..you got it!!!!


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