Ginny Robinson Memorial

“Building Strong PEOPLE Through Weightlifting”

FINAL Results for the 2017 Ginny Robinson Memorial Breast Cancer Awareness Weightlifting Competition

2018 “The Ginny” coming October 6 – 7, 2018

Ginny Robinson 1941-2010

“Robinson Weightlifting” is NOT named after “Ellyn Robinson”. Although Dr. Ellyn Robinson is the founder and head Coach of Robinson Weightlifting, she is not the reason the team has the name “Robinson Weightlifting”. Dr. Robinson chose the name because of the team’s best supporter. Mrs. Virginia “Ginny” Robinson – Dr. Robinson’s Mother. Ginny kept a good kid good!!! She kept MANY kids good!!! Her dedication and life’s work with the YMCA was Ginny’s mission!!! And her daughter Dr. Robinson is driving her Mother’s work to fruition with her Capital Campaign “Keep a Good Kid GOOD!!”


Things “MOM” Robinson did for RWL….

  • Taught her daughter to be a better coach……
  • Called her daughter on the cell phone during a World Team Trial Competition to let her daughter know that her lifter won silver not bronze because Mom watched everything on streaming live.
  • Marshaled the meets and ran the cards….at the meets that are now called the “GINNY ROBINSON MEMORIAL – “GRM” Meet.
  • Made donations to those kids that would not be able to do it without financial support.


A few inclusions from Ellyn:

“From my Mom’s infectious inspiration I have founded RWL Weightlifting in her name. I will follow my Mother’s lead, and I will never quit. “Stick to the plan” is what she always told me. I will support under privileged youth and make my Mother proud. If Ginny has helped you in some way and you would like to donate in her honor and memory we are accepting donations to our capital campaign fund in Ginny’s memory “Keep a Good Kid GOOD!!”


Donations can be made here:  

Ginny’s giving was endless, and her life’s work is not even close to done, it is just continuing now through her foundation of Keep a Good Kid Good. Thank you Mom!


The 2017 Ginny Robinson Memorial is Sponsored by



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