Cleaning….My Car…

Car Wash

In coaching I always try to deliver my messages with a positive, concrete, kind and effective delivery, and I walk that walk in my personal life always seeking to understand others, rather than judge. While washing my car yesterday I decided car washing is a great barometer to “understand” people, thus there are 4 types of people. Those who hate, those who judge, those whom are neutral, and those that understand.

The hater will walk by you washing your car and snap off “I don’t see you at my house washing my car”! The judgers snidely say, “You missed a spot”. The good doobie neutral people say something nice, like “looks good”! And those who seek to understand – find a sponge, start scrubbing and say, “Hey man, what’s going on? Awesome day today, right”!

What category do you fall into? Words DO matter and they are enough. Our choice of words, and our delivery makes a difference in coaching and in our daily lives. Next time I see you washing your car…I’ll find the spare sponge and join you…..


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