As promised, here is some analysis from Caitlin’s clean and jerk that we posted earlier this week.  Please view the associated video to note some technique insufficiencies that will help Caitlin get over the 7o kg hurdle in no time! {For you techies, please play this video as an overlay on top of the still shot of the mark up.}

Caitlin CJ 60 March 2014  – CLICK for video

CJ Mark up

1. In the film time at 1:58 Caitlin yanks with her arms and starts to bend her elbows just about at knee height (see yellow arrow for point of arm bending).

2. at 1:73 she has ‘schenanigan’ feet, i.e. her feet are squiggling and swiveling around, thus she is losing her potentiation to ‘PUSH’ with her feet and generate oppositional force to the ground.

3. At 1:84 her arms are bent to 124 degrees (see yellow angle inserted in film)

4. at 2:04 the bar is swinging out from her

5. Note the red circles on her hands at 2:23. That is the moment where she lets go of the bar, and her hands slide in on the bar, making for a tough catch in the bottom of the clean.

6. At 2:05 note the green boxes identifying her uneven foot pattern, and her right side dominance

7.  14:38-14:57 – notice the nice catch on the jerk, followed by a double arm re-bend. This is happening because she is not continuing to push up on the bar. Caitlin beat the bar to the top position, but stopped pushing up on the bar, and the bar ‘won’ by pushing back down on her!

8. 15:81-16:24 note the 3 green lines. When she splits her front foot actually adducts – or steps inward toward her midline. And when she recovers from her split she steps again further to her right.

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