Back Pain? Check out your ADDUCTORS!!!!

Do you have chronic back pain and can’t figure it out? If you do, there are some c r a z y muscles that attach on the pelvis that can have an effect on your posture, your overhead stability, your knee tracking and your overall ability to stabilize.

The “ADDUCTORS” as a collective complex in each inner thigh have got to be up there as one of the most crazy and hard to understand collections of muscles in our body. There are collectively 3 “adductors” – adductor longus, brevis and magnus. (Yes, you nerds, we also have the gracilis which is an adductor, but it is not an adductor proper in name).

Bored? Perhaps…but you shouldn’t be if you have back pain….read on grasshoppers…take a peek at the associated pictures. The Adductor longus is a hip adductor and flexor (pulls leg toward the body and lifts leg up). The Adductor Magnus is a hip adductor and extends the hip (weird). And lastly, the Adductor brevis is also a hip adductor and flexor.

Man, all this anatomy!!! You might be asking if it is necessary….does your back hurt…..ok if you answered yes, then you are encouraged to read on….

The adductor complex is a weird complex indeed  – mainly because all 3 adductors adduct the hip, and two of the three flex the hip. Cool….but the weirdo adductor magnus extends the hip!!! and the magnus has these thick “fingers” that protrude long and deep and get to the back (posterior) side of our legs and create this potential problem for us if we do a lot of activity that involves amazing things like walking and running and squatting.

So the moral of this story is for you to look at these three anatomy pictures…get yourself on a PVC pipe or ball and roll these three muscles out, and see if this alleviates any of your back pain. The origination of these muscles with their relationship to the pelvis has a great ability to pull and twist your pelvis if they are too tight. Roll them out and post comments on how much better you feel!imageAdductor BrevisAdductor Longus

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