Athlete Spotlight – “BIG HOSS”

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Derek Snatch 115 May 2014

Derek Pontier joined Robinson Weightlifting in January of 2011 and entered his first weightlifting contest February 20, 2011 at the Atlantic States Weightlifting Contest. He weighed 102.0 kg and snatched 95, clean & jerked 119. Not a bad day for a transitional football player on his first meet.

Derek went on to immediately qualify for  and compete in the 2011, 2012, and 2013 University National Championships. Derek, affectionately known as “Hoss” and “Lettuce” had major neck surgery in January 2014 – 4 months ago. With a nice big incision right where he catches his cleans ~ Derek wanted to make a quick come-back. To date Derek’s all time competition maxes are Snatch 110 and CJ 145. Today he snatched 120 with good ease, and he clean and jerked 150 (body weight at 4:30 pm today 98.6kg). The Big Hoss is 7 kilos away from qualifying for the American Open this year.

Derek is a slave to his flexibility work, noted in the picture in this blog. His positions in weightlifting are outstanding, but his personality and character are even more to marvel at. Way to work Lettuce. Keep on- keeping on!!!! No wrinkles!!!



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