About RWL

RWL Weightlifting Inc., is a nonprofit organization 501(c)3 located in Franklin, MA. It is RWL’s intent to use weightlifting as a vehicle to create structure in a person’s life, to initiate goal-oriented sports training and to ultimately inspire these athletes to become part of a team community, and develop into strong people, physically and emotionally.

RWL Weightlifting uses the sport of weightlifting to create life changing events for youth that have been affected by adversity.  RWL Weightlifting provides these participants with older athletic mentors who are involved with the sport and competition of weightlifting.

Both mentors and students will train for weightlifting competitions together.  RWL Weightlifting is affiliated with USA Weightlifting and will provide the coaching and administrative support that will enable the teams to compete at the local, regional national and international levels.

While competition is a big part of the program that RWL fosters, RWL’s mission as stated in our bylaws is

to build strong PEOPLE through weightlifting

Mission Statement

Our mission statement, as stated in our bylaws is our hallmark and we seek to “build strong PEOPLE through weightlifting”, coaching education of the whole person, not simply their physical self for athletic advancement.

With the formation of the non-profit structure, the plans of RWL Weightlifting include implementing an after-school program(s) with middle school children to use weightlifting as a vehicle to create structure in the children’s lives, to initiate goal oriented sports training to young people, and to ultimately inspire children to become part of a team and develop strong PEOPLE including physical, mental and emotional development. This next level of structure within RWL Weightlifting will allow the system to be in place such that Massachusetts youth citizens will have the opportunity to learn the sport of weightlifting, be involved with an established, reputable and successful team, and have the opportunity to be in a training environment that will support competition at the local level and continue with momentum all the way through to the Olympic Dream.


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