We are a leading source of Olympic Lifting Training, Education and Certification in New England. We are a Massachusetts based club with our residence in Franklin. We have taught athletes, coached athletes, and certified coaches throughout New England, the USA, as well as internationally. We have competed and coached at the local, regional, national, and international level of weightlifting competition. Also, we have conducted camps, certifications, seminars, and clinics all throughout the USA.

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  • July 9, 2016 – RWL Summer Developmental Competition # 2 of 3 – REGISTER
  • July 25 – 30, 2016 RWL Annual Weightlifting Camp REGISTER
  • July 30, 2016 RWL Open Weightlifting Competition REGISTER 
  • August 20, 2016 – RWL Summer Developmental Competition # 3 of 3 – REGISTER
  • October 8-9, 2016 6th Annual Ginny Robinson Memorial Breast Cancer Awareness Weightlifting Competition REGISTER
  • October 2016 – Kilos for a Cure Competition ENTER HERE
  • September 17-18, 2016 USA Weightlifting Level 1 Certification @ RWL REGISTER


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RWL Weightlifting, Inc.
RWL Weightlifting, Inc.1 day ago
We don't know what's waiting for us around the bend!! The hard part is the waiting. This weeks #mondaymotivation is to practice being patient with yourself. Good things come to those who wait. Let us know if you're liking our morning motivational quotes please 👏#practicepatience #rwlweightlifting #motivation #becomegreat #success #donotbesatisfied #mentalgame #life #liveandlearn #patient #bepatientwithyourself #motivation #motivationalquotes #buildingstrongpeoplethroughweightlifting
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7 hours ago
Simple as that. That's why happiness is the highest level of success! Happiness is an inside job, work at it!... https://t.co/QKzKHHjCEk
1 day ago
We don't know what's waiting for us around the bend!! The hard part is the waiting. This weeks… https://t.co/0wV95s7HaN
2 days ago
What are you waiting for? Do not be satisfied, there is still plenty of room for improvement.
✊… https://t.co/BNXC2QHbHr
3 days ago
Productive Team Practice today!! #weightlifting #rwlweightlifting #oly #team #fun #snatch #cleanandjerk https://t.co/gPwMtWIYbD
3 days ago
Stay the same? Or get better? It's your choice. #dedication #motivation #psychologyhttps://t.co/Iz8SXXsTao



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